Metal Matt (livetothrash) wrote,
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Cygnus Loop debut show.

Hey fags, haven't updated in a while. So anyways Peoria's prog black metal elite better known as Cygnus Loop will be making our debut performance at the legendary venue other known as Brian Blanche from No Security's back yard! This will be the bassless version af Cygnus Loop due to the fact that some bass players would rather do other things than stay home and learn their bass lines. The bassless Cygnus Loop will be performing such hits as "Birthing Spectrums", "Upon fatalist atlar", the epic "If tears were skin", and "Conquest." Everyone in the area is invited and I bvelieve fliers are being made and will be posted at the local record stores with directions I hope. So come on down and BANG YOUR FUCKING HEAD! \m/
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