Metal Matt (livetothrash) wrote,
Metal Matt

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" Who gives a shit, asshole?"

So yeah, I haven't updated this thing. I'm trying to be less internet faggish. I try not to waste my time on here when I could be playing guitar and writing music. I have a full band now called Cygnus loop. Take Strapping young lad and Soilwork and mix it with black metal, space, and prog rock. We should be playing out by May or June. I also have a new girlfriend now. We met on New Years. We hang out alot. That's another reason for not updating. She's just as metal as I am but she know's even more about space rock and other weird shit. Her 2 favorite bands are Strapping young lad and Hawkwind. Hmmm....what a coincidence. Other than that just ame old shit, work, school, being poor, booze, metal, and bathroom humor. So fart, get fucked, and suck a turd to a point and stab yourself with it.\m/
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