Metal Matt (livetothrash) wrote,
Metal Matt

Rage fuck party destruction.

Satyrday was sweet. Went to Bloomington to a Dale Earnhardt party on ISU campus. The whole aparmtent complex got destroyed. We tried to ram my head through the wall in the hallway but it didn't work this time. A buddy punched holes through it. A bunch of people spit on the beer pong table and I ran and slid across it. Nate W. shat off the stairwell and then took his own shit and wrote G.G. on the wall with it. +500 metal points. Then to top it off someone pulled the fire alarm. For sure the craziest party I've been to in years. Thx Turtle. Bloomington is so much funner on the weekends than Peoria. People here suck at partying.
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